First Market of the Season!

We’ve been working really hard this spring!  Today they have finished planting over 300 trees.  The blossoms are out and we’ve seen some bees.  We’ve got a good asparagus crop and the garlic looks good too!

Randy will be at the market on both this Saturday the 16 of May and the 23rd.    He’ll have our asparagus and cider along with fruit trees.  He will have Golden Russet, Egremont , Ambrosia, Honey Crisp, Honeygold and McIntosh trees in pots.

Planting 300 trees. Done.  Watching them grow!
Planting 300+ trees. Done. Now time to watch them grow!

Since apples aren’t ready to pick until late July, and we never sell last year’s apples, we don’t open at home until August.  Likely Friday August 7th will be our first day of the season.  Just in time for the Garlic Festival!  Randy will be at the market before then with early apples and veggies.

Enjoy your long weekend!