Toka Plums!

492BFBC3-EBF5-4502-9011-5F8D6AFB23BC (2)Randy picked Toka plums last night!  We still have some Damson left along with Paula Red, Gingergold and Jefferson apples.  He picked some spaghetti squash and a few acorn varieties too!  More gifts arrived today so we’ll have more unpacking to do.


C3678A reminder that we pick our fruit when it is ready to be picked and it is available in the store or Carp Farmers Market.  Our insurance does not allow pick your own apples.

Early Apples!

Garlic Festival 2015
Garlic Festival 2015

On the shelves this weekend we’ll  have Dolgo crabapples and Damson plums along with Gingergold, Paula Red and Jefferson apples.   We also have potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, cider and new gift items.  Some just arrived this minute….feels a bit like Christmas when we’re unpacking!

We’re all done with beans for this year although it was a good crop as you can see in this shot of Randy and his helpers at the Carp Farmer’s Market!  Our friend Frank, who you may have seen working with Randy in the orchard, was kind enough to pass along some great photos he’s taken.

We’re Getting Ready to Open

Garlic prep!
Garlic prep!

We’re getting ready to open on Friday and getting ready for the Carp Farmer’s Market Garlic Festival this weekend.

Along with four garlic varieties  we’ll have early apples and cucumbers, dill, new potatoes and zucchini.

Hope you’ll stop in to see us!