We’re nearing the end of our season!

01fb6a31e4a09c29b0a42ba014e7b3d4ff64d02e9d                                                December 6th is our final day of 2015!

We’ve got apple wood for sale for all of you who have asked over the years.  We’ve got it sorted at 3 price points.  Randy cut down a bunch more trees recently as he moves towards a trellis system.

We’ve got Ambrosia, Russet, Cortland, Mac, Ida Red, Empire, Spartan and others on the shelves right now.  We have more than 15 squash varieties for those who like to stock up.  There is also cider, potatoes and lots of great gift ideas too!

010006eaf7f25e6b61bb1e2bf6bc127f85ec5d6749One of our staff members took this shot of this rough looking chippy and our Brantim Farms mums earlier in the season.  He spent most of the summer and fall on the porch and although we haven’t seen him around lately the memory still makes us smile!  Can’t wait until he’s back next year.