Fall is Here!


First day of fall and the opening day of the Carp Fair!  It will be a busy weekend in Carp.  Come out and enjoy.  Randy will be back with the market next weekend though to October 29th.

Cortland, Mac, Lobo, Honey Crisp and pears and plums are in the store.  We have fresh cider, squash and garlic too.  Frozen pies and crisps are ready for you to take home and bake.  We may have seconds if you want to do your own baking but they are only prepared as we sort the apples so we don’t always have them.

Please note that we do not offer pick your own apples. 

Traffic news:  Diamondview Road is closed for construction so if you are looking to avoid downtown Carp you may want to choose an alternate route that intersects with Thomas A Dolan Parkway, the road right beside us.

Apples, plums and pears!

We’re open special hours on the holiday Monday: 9:30 to 4:00. We’ve got lots of fresh picked apples, crabapples, plums and pears in the store! Lobo, Paula Red, Jefferson, Wealthy, Gingergold, Yellow Transparent, Duchess and Melba apples. Ure and Flemish Beauty pears and Toka and some Damson plums are on the shelves today. Our apple crisps are in the freezer too!image