Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Such a beautiful day for it.   We’ve already enjoyed one turkey dinner and are looking forward to another tonight.  Enjoy your day!

We’re open until four this afternoon with lots of apples, squash, gourds and mini pumpkins.

We’ve got the pumpkin house open today with lots more pumpkins still in the garden.  We plan to bring more in from the garden and we’ll put them out as we wash them.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Bringing in the harvest
Bringing in the harvest

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What a year!  We’ve got hail coming down right now for the third time this year!  Most of our apples have been picked and hopefully it won’t damage the pumpkins still in the field.

We’ve got lots of pumpkins. squash and gourds already harvested!  The pumpkins are in the greenhouse and they seem to be pretty well sized.

This weekend we’ll add Snow and Ambrosia apples along with the other varieties we’ve had in the store recently.

This weekend we’re open Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 5:00 and we are open special hours this holiday Monday:  9:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Randy and Pat will be at the Carp Farmers’ Market Saturday morning.   Hope to see you soon.

Apples & Squash for the week before Thanksgiving

Tolman Sweet, Empire, Spartan, Golden Russet are just a few of the sweeter apples we’ll have in store this weekend. A new tart red apple called Gloster will be out along with Lobo, Cortland and more.  This year we have some Wolf River if you want to make apple sauce or baked apples.

We have the first of our pumpkins out on the porch along with lots more squash.

If you are out this way to our store or for the Carp Farmer’s Market The West Carleton Arts Society is having a show at the Carp fairgrounds of originals by local artists.

Carp Fair, Russets & more


We’re getting ready for the Carp Fair this weekend in Carp!  That means no Carp Farmers’ Market this weekend but we’ll be back there  until the final market on October 25th.

Please be aware that our insurance does not allow us to have anyone in the orchard to pick their own apples.

Starting this weekend we will have the Golden Russet & Wolf River apples along with Macs, Cortland and Lobos and more.

We’ve finally got a few winter squash varieties in the store  for this first warm week of fall!

Enjoy the lovely weather!

Cortlands, Macs, Lobo & Honey Crisp are on the shelves

We had a heavy frost last night but no damage to the apples. We’ll see how the squash and pumpkins made out next week.  Tomorrow is the last Market in Carp before the Carp Fair.  They’ll be back for four more Saturdays starting with the Harvest Celebration on October 4th.

New this week we’ve got Honey Crisp and Cortland apples.  Macs, Gingergold, Wealthy, Lobo and Paula Red are on the shelves along with crabapples, plums and pears.  We’ve got cider, garlic and some winter squash too.   We’ll have hot apple cider available by the cup on the weekend.

Fall is Here!

The cool weather makes it feel a bit more like autumn today.   Baking pies and crisps seems like a good thing to do.

We’ve got a few of our winter squash varieties in the store: Spaghetti, Cream of the Crop and Delicata are on the shelves along with some gourds for fall decorating.

Randy will have both Dolgo and Heslop crabapples at the market along with Macs, Lobos and other apple varieties.

We’d like to remind everyone that our insurance does not allow people in the orchard to pick their own apples.

Beautiful local mums  from Brantim farms on the porch make it feel a bit more like autumn!
Beautiful local mums from Brantim farms on the porch make it feel a bit more like autumn!

Macs are Here!

photo (2)It has been a long hot week of picking and the apples are coming in quickly!

At the market and in the store this week we’ll have Macs, Lobo, Paula Red, and Wealthy apples.

There will be Dolgo crabapples (the small ones) and Damson & Toka plums along with the first pears of the season.

We’ve got local mums on the porch and some Mennonite pickles and jam in the store.   We’ve reorganized our store this year with more space for the squash which should start coming in over the next weeks.  Hope you like it!

On the Shelf: Labour Day Weekend

This weekend we should have Lobo and Wealthy on the shelves.  We’ve got Lacrescent and Pipestone plums as well as Gingergold, Alexander, Melba and Paula Red apples.  We’ll have potatoes and possibly the last of the beans too.

We should have seconds if you are interested in making pies or sauce.  I added our recipe for mincemeat if you’d like to fancy up your apple crisp!

We will be open on Labour Day Monday but we’ll have our special holiday hours: 9:30 to 4:00!

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