Fall apples!

Randy has been getting the ground cleaned up under the trees.  The work never ends when you grow things!  Garlic still must be planted in the garden.

We are still open our regular hours until December 3.  Randy will be at the market in Carp on Saturday October 14, 21 and 28 and then the Christmas Market is December 1 & 2.

Russet, Spartan, Ambrosia, Empire, Macs, Cortland, and a bunch of other apples are in the store along with cider, squash, potatoes and gifts.  Lots of pumpkins are in the greenhouse.018c3400515d504991ff94ce1b807c77e9352f6c96

We’re nearing the end of our season!

01fb6a31e4a09c29b0a42ba014e7b3d4ff64d02e9d                                                December 6th is our final day of 2015!

We’ve got apple wood for sale for all of you who have asked over the years.  We’ve got it sorted at 3 price points.  Randy cut down a bunch more trees recently as he moves towards a trellis system.

We’ve got Ambrosia, Russet, Cortland, Mac, Ida Red, Empire, Spartan and others on the shelves right now.  We have more than 15 squash varieties for those who like to stock up.  There is also cider, potatoes and lots of great gift ideas too!

010006eaf7f25e6b61bb1e2bf6bc127f85ec5d6749One of our staff members took this shot of this rough looking chippy and our Brantim Farms mums earlier in the season.  He spent most of the summer and fall on the porch and although we haven’t seen him around lately the memory still makes us smile!  Can’t wait until he’s back next year.

Early Apples!

Garlic Festival 2015
Garlic Festival 2015

On the shelves this weekend we’ll  have Dolgo crabapples and Damson plums along with Gingergold, Paula Red and Jefferson apples.   We also have potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, cider and new gift items.  Some just arrived this minute….feels a bit like Christmas when we’re unpacking!

We’re all done with beans for this year although it was a good crop as you can see in this shot of Randy and his helpers at the Carp Farmer’s Market!  Our friend Frank, who you may have seen working with Randy in the orchard, was kind enough to pass along some great photos he’s taken.

Molly Maguire

Randy and his parents
Randy and his parents
Apple picking at Fernbank Ranch

We’re sad to announce that Randy’s Mum, Molly Maguire passed away yesterday after a lengthy illness.  We will  miss both Molly and Howard around here.  I remember them picking potato bugs in the hot sun and Howard was always around helping to get ready for market, picking apples or working in the garden or greenhouse. The black and white photo is proof of Randy’s early interest in apples!  Here he is on his parent’s farm in Stittsville with his younger sisters.  Many of you will remember Linda and Susan helping out at the market and our orchard over the years.  Below is some of the extended Maguire family who will miss Molly and Howard very much.

Extended Maguire Family
Extended Maguire Family

Unfortunately Randy won’t be at the market this Saturday.  He’ll be back in July when his potatoes and beans are ready.

Special store hours November 13 & 14 2014

Due to the passing of Randy’s father, Howard Maguire, we will close  this Thursday, November 13  at 4:00 and on Friday, November 14 we will not be open at all.   We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  Regular hours will resume on Saturday and Sunday when we’ll be open from 9-5. Thank you,

Randy & his Dad
Randy & his Dad